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Ours is a holistic approach to search engine optimisation

Where we simply do not follow the traditional rules blindly, rather we formulate unique strategies that are native to the objective of the website. We intend to enhance the business results by connecting the customers to the relevant content of the website.

There’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ in SEO. To do it right, and to get the results you are after, we need to have an in-depth knowing your company and goals. Only then can we truly comprehend the threats and opportunities, and create an informed decision about what to do, and when. The Development step contains the following activities:

Situation analysis – Research to determine the nature and opportunity of your company and web page.

Phrase analysis – We consider the approximated amount of searches, competition and purpose of the most relevant keywords and words. Then we use our exclusive Phrase Prospective Calculator to calculate the visitors and income chance of those keywords and words, depending on your present average transformation rate and value.

Competitive analysis – By examining your competitors’ look for existence, we can comprehend the possibility and time frames needed to accomplish positions, visitors and ROI.

Recognize linkable resources – To find the most popular material on your web page, we observe exterior hyperlinks and visitors data.

Relationship evaluation – We understand how you are connected in the corporate world and with your customers, in order to extract value and potential weblink connections.

On-site weblink analysis – Recognize hyperlinks on your present web page that factor to wrong webpages or terminated material. Find out hyperlinks which could be applied better or on the internet sources and refers to that could be turned into hyperlinks.

A technique informs you exactly what we plan to do, how, and by when. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s a strategy for us, to create sure everything is applied appropriate and effectively. Our Method a 3-month schedule that clearly conveys our programs for your strategy. It includes all goals and organized actions, and details main concerns, deliverables and obvious timeframes:

Information Structure (IA) – In assessment with our Technical SEO Strategist, we’ll create sure your website's routing moves with the best possible SEO performance.

Content technique – We’ll liaise with your material specialist to create sure your material technique facilitates your SEO goals (drawing on linkable resources and connections recognized in the invention phase) .#

Search engines Website owner Tools – Set up the main route of interaction between Search engines and your web page, so we can easily identify any known problems and correct problems directly with Search engines.

Internal & exterior connecting – Guidelines for solving damaged hyperlinks and hyperlinks directing to the wrong webpages. Also a general on-site weblink technique. (We’ll offer assessment to help your designer with the execution.)

URL to phrase related – A matrix showing exactly which set of words to match with what URL.

Canonical installation – Guarantees there are no ‘duplicate content’ problems.

Internationalisation (if required) – Specific global URL suggestions (TLD / sub-domain / sub-folder), interpreting language in your code, using regional on-site and off-site alerts (e.g. currency, address, contact numbers, results in regional listing websites).

Project schedule – A described schedule with expected actions, goals and results for each 30 days of your strategy.

Even the best set programs are only as excellent as their performance. Every Dejan SEO package includes:

Confirming & tracking – It is important to always have the answers of what exactly is working, and why. Includes visitors & position analysis.

Opponent tracking – Keep a close eye on what your opponents are up to, so you can stay a stride ahead.

SEO-friendly promotion policies – We’ll proactively factor out areas where you can promote your SEO by modifying your daily promotion actions.

Link-building strategy – A custom-designed weblink developing strategy to secure a regular flow of hyperlinks for your sector. We create material that is so excellent people will want to blog about it, and share it with their co-workers and friends. No weblink plants, no material plants, no article rewriting, no black hat SEO, no greyish hat SEO. Just 100% white hat SEO that continuously develops positions, visitors, involvement and profits. And maintains them over the lengthy term. So you do not have to worry whenever Search engines up-dates its position methods. This creative material also works as a promotion device, social enhancer and brand increaser.

Threat evaluation & tracking – Understanding threats is essential to maintaining your look for visitors in the lengthy run. There are certain rules which google want website owners to respect, and you can be penalised if you break them. Even if you did not know you were. We perform a danger evaluation of the hyperlinks currently directing to your web page, emphasize any problems, and recommend precautionary action where necessary. We also work with you to create sure your other internet promotion strategies do not present any SEO-related threats.

How much does it cost?

  • Every company is different. Even if they are in the same industry, some are old, some are new, they have different sites, and they all face different types and levels of competition. This means every strategy is different too. Our offers are not depending on a specific list of fixed-price blemishes. They’re depending promptly. If you invest more, you get more of our lives. Simple.
  • In our technique, we details our programs for your strategy, such as all goals, organized actions, main concerns, deliverables and obvious time frames. The idea is not to offer a set set of services, but to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish and maintain top results for your company. We want the best for you, and guarantee a genuine and clear lengthy lasting solution to accomplish this. Discover more about what we offer and other common questions on our FAQ page or call us.

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