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Reputation Management

What do you understand by reputation management? Building up positive reviews regarding your company!

But we think it from a different perspective; we aim in removing the negatives of your company.

We implement reputation management to remove/ reduce the adversities resulted due to negative internet posts regarding a company. These negative posts gain a high position on queries for their company, brands or individuals associated with the company (such as the company president). Removing the harmful web pages is difficult, but not impossible. There are two primary ways to remove the negative content: 1) Lawfully 2) Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Promotion. We use an amalgamated technique using both of these methodologies.

The lawful method is definitely very much expensive. In most situations, the negative posts are left anonymously, so there is no way to confirm who published them. If you feel you know who published it, you may file a court action against them and try to extract information from the website where the record seems to be, but most likely the perpetrator would not have used their own internet identity like current email address. They are clever too! However, even if you get an order from the court, it will help you in removing any obnoxious content from the internet regarding you, as they are considered public boards and the law defends them from being charged or taking elimination activities.

SEO and SMO approach lets us move such web pages by analysing and diverting search engine of those pages to lower pages, where they will be "buried" and entice less attention. Using exclusive techniques, in some situations we are able to absolutely delete the negative results from displaying up in search engines.

Our SEO oriented approach uses several techniques to achieve this goal. We work by executing SEO on your primary web page and developing several other weblogs or mini-sites for your company. Link building is also a primary issue with the strategy. This makes hyperlinks that will increase all of your web qualities ahead of any negative web pages in significant search engine results.

We build social media information on significant social media websites such as Tweets, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn in addition to significant weblogs, boards and online internet directories with appeasing quality display content. We also offer web link developing, which drives these additional social media websites associated with the main one on higher search engine results while degrading the ranks of the harmful websites.

We provide reputation tracking solutions as well. We provide daily as well as weekly reviews regarding the online reputation of your website irrespective of whether it is good or bad. We are loyal to our services. We believe in transparency in deals with our clients.

Our reputation tracking support allows you to have the satisfaction that a professional company is viewing over your product, allowing you to focus on other crucial components of your business. We will even offer you with advice and recommendations on what to do when you run into negative reviews about your product and the best techniques for remove the problem.

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